DSA as organization has been engaged in more than 15 projects of which 4 has been research projects with duration of one to two years and an average value of 10,000,000 ALL. Whereas consultancy projects has been modest compared to the research projects but in a larger number. Moreover the DSA associates have a large experience in project management reflected not only within DSA but also through consultancies provided to other organizations. The organization is experienced in the EU, Swiss and USA guidelines of project management and has respected in all cases the project financial requirements maintaining ethics and accountability in its performance.

Efficient and strategic management of financial resources is crucial for DSA, since it is an important tool to reach success and achieve every goal. Financial management is done by an internal accountant and supported by an external certified consultant.

The internal accountant has extensive knowledge and personal experience in book keeping, collecting financial data, tax advisory, producing financial reports, budgeting, producing solutions to near term financial issues and all other financial management techniques. The internal accountant is supervised by the Executive Director of DSA. The DSA internal accountant reports every two months to the Board of Directors and delivers financial performance reports regarding all financial issues of the organization,

DSA is supervised by an external audit, who audits regularly financial reports. The audit of an external expert increases accountability and improves financial reporting and management practices, ensuring strong internal control of DSA finances.