The majority of reports have been based on value chain analysis, stakeholder analysis, and resource analysis using diagnostics methods mainly based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches. Majority of studies has focused have been focused on farming and agro processing activities as a component for the improvement of agriculture and rural development. Specific research has been taken also on social and institutional aspects of rural areas such as assets ownership and user rights, access to on farm and off-farm employment, access to services related to business support, capital and social support, local governance and position of women and youth in the context of rural livelihood. DSA researchers have in-depth information about the latest developments in these sectors and the initiatives of their main actors.

Since it was established, DSA team has produced more than 30 technical reports for different donor and international organizations.


DSA researchers work closely together with different leading research institutions. The team members have been graduated a PhD and have very strong research capacities. The experts have very good knowledge of the statistical packages such as SPSS and STATA as well as very good skills on using other instruments for analyzing the qualitative information.

Policy analysis

DSA engagement toward rural development has been one of the most important endeavors along these years. The organization team members has been author and coauthor of the most important documents related to the agricultural and rural development in Albania such as IPARD and ISARD and ultimately the GIZ-DANIDA SARED project “ Support to Agriculture and Rural Development in the Disadvantaged Areas of Albania”.

Capacity building

DSA has contributed in the majority of the capacity building interventions related transformation in the field of agriculture and rural development. Associates of DSA has also worked closely for majority of donors playing key role on agriculture and rural development as well as empowerment of women in rural areas such as FAO, UNDP, DANIDA, UNWOMEN, GIZ, SNV, Italian Cooperation, World Bank, EBRD, World Vision as well as national organizations such as MADA, INSTAT. Such collaboration facilitates the access to local human resources and strengthen the institutional cooperation in potential interventions.

Advocacy and launching activity

Three of the 5 core team members have been engaged directly on lobbying and advocacy campaigns. Dr. Imami mainly on rural development instruments promotion such as IPARD and ISARD scheme. Dr. Zhllima has been studying for a gender based advocacy document and has worked for various donor initiatives for gender and agriculture.

DSA Associates and the team members has extensive relations with various stakeholders related to the local rural development such as Line Ministries, research institutes, local government units. This cooperation facilitates the field research activities especially in identifying the stakeholders, accessing secondary data and reviewing previous actions made in the interested field of research.